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About Becker Retirement Group

We don’t have to tell you that men and women are different, but nowhere are the differences more clear than in the areas of money and finance. That’s why our Woman's Worth® program is here. We focus on working with women. We understand the emotional and even the physical health issues that women face when dealing with finances. And we can help.

Our range of financial services is offered in the context of each unique, individual woman we serve. Sometimes you need just the facts. Sometimes you’ll want someone to rejoice with. And sometimes you may need a shoulder to cry on. You will find all that and more at Becker Retirement Group.

We invite you to explore the services described on this site and make use of the information we offer. But most importantly, just know that we’re here. We can give you a renewed outlook on the life of the complete woman: mind, body, soul — and pocketbook. Your Financial Independence Awaits.®

Arwen Becker

Arwen Becker is a 17-year veteran in the Financial Services industry, and her goal is to help her clients feel comfortable and confident in their retirement strategy. Arwen further shares her passion as the co-host of Real Retirement Radio on 770AM KTTH Conservative Talk Radio, enlightening and advising listeners about all things retirement.

Happily married and the proud mother of three boys, Arwen loves traveling in her family’s RV, eating dinners out and serving in her church’s baptism and women’s ministries. Arwen is a lifelong athlete, and looks forward to early morning runs and long day hikes with her family and friends.

Recently, Arwen began offering the Woman's Worth® program, which specializes in attending to the unique lifestyle planning needs of women approaching retirement, or those that are currently retired. She understands the importance of creating a plan that is not only financially secure, but also addresses the significance of being more emotionally and physically protected. Arwen’s approach addresses the total well-being of the person, because it’s not just about retirement planning. It’s about building a life plan.